A five-week "Product Design Revamp" to redesign the creator flow of PopStream.

The objective was first to observe and understand how consultants created their content within the existing UI and then understand how to improve their experience with a series of rapid prototypes which would capture their requirements. We then collated their feedback and made new design proposals for simplifying creating and sharing a PopStream. 

To help us achieve this objective, the team conducted six stakeholder interviews, which allowed us to understand and capture the vision and requirements from multiple perspectives. In addition, we performed a competitor analysis from five direct competitors and two non- industry experts. That data helped us to form unbiased insights which represented industry expectations. From this, we could identify pain points and surface them as opportunities for the StreamStyle product.

We ran two empathy interviews during the first week of the engagement to discover the main pain points, needs and context regarding using the current version of the app and their daily behaviour as direct selling consultants—six additional user tests were conducted during the engagement to validate our proposals from data that represented real user insights. In parallel with redesigning the digital experience, we explored what a new brand might look like, reflecting more of a smartphone consumer-creator experience. Creating a softer pastel colour palette with cleaner and more modern fonts and more delicate elements in visual styling was found to be more appealing and less technical for our young and older consultants. Based on data from our five weeks together, this summary highlights the rationale of the direction taken and what PopStream's potential could be. 


  • Redefined Features and Functionality: Revamped the app with UX and UI improvements, redefining its features and functionalities.
  • User Insights for Improvements and Future Strategy: Gathered valuable user insights to guide the improvements and shape the future strategy of StreamStyle.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Provided strategic recommendations based on user research, outlining the direction the product should take in the next stages.
  • New Look and Feel: Achieved a refreshed look and feel of the product, enhancing the overall user experience.

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