Two-week iteration Design Sprint for the film industry App

We conducted a two-week Iteration Product Sprint to evaluate the potential for Prisma to expand into the film industry as a project management tool for filmmakers. The goal of the sprint was to determine whether such a tool would be useful to filmmakers and whether they would be willing to use their phones to create and manage their equipment and consumables lists.

Our objective was to determine whether Prisma's existing customers would be interested in using the platform for building and managing not only consumables lists but also equipment lists. Additionally, we wanted to understand whether they would see value in the real-time collaboration and project management features provided by a series of different widgets. Through user testing and iteration session, we aimed to gather insights and validate our hypothesis.

The Iteration Product Sprint also allowed us to uncover additional insights and pain points in the film industry, which helped us to better understand the values that are necessary to increase efficiency and provide value to filmmakers. This knowledge will be useful in developing our product and ensuring that it meets the needs of our target users.

As a result of the Iteration Product Sprint, the Prisma team was able to align on a clear vision for what a Prisma Film Platform experience could look like. The feedback and data collected during the sprint validated the need for a connected platform that would allow filmmakers to manage and collaborate on their projects. Sprint provided us with valuable insights and feedback that will be essential in developing the product and bringing it to market. This information will be crucial as we continue to refine and improve the product in order to better meet the needs of the film industry. 

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