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Design Sprint for the Mexican neo-bank bringing a new product to life

Invex is one of Mexico’s most innovative providers of digitally-enabled financial services. For Invex, customer-centricity is the key to maintaining a competitive edge in Mexico’s dynamic financial market.

Unlike traditional banks, Invex doesn’t operate any brick-and-mortar branches. Its portfolio of credit cards is entirely managed through a mobile app. This brings Invex close to its customers and increases the need to constantly stay relevant by offering products that fulfil customers’ needs.

Be The Leap was invited by joint consulting partners Virtus (now Raven) and AKYA to help them understand what the digital product experience might look like by converging all their Design Thinking findings into something that could be utilised as a business validation study. To explore how Invex might expand to new market segments through product innovation, LEAP. used the Design Sprint methodology to align stakeholders on a product value proposition, define key features of a new product, and test a prototype with customers.

The momentum gained in the Design Sprint helped Invex go from just a vague set of challenges and business ideas to a solid MVP that was in customers’ hands in less than six months. This ensured that the new product concept was validated with customers before Invex started product development.

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