Engel & Völkers Smart Money

Design Sprint for the real estate investment platform

We ran a two week Iteration Design Sprint with the Engel & Völkers Smart Money team to define and gather insights for what a new landing page customer experience might be. The intention was to gather data from new customers visiting the landing page, observe how they react to the suite of products offered to them by the E&V Smart Money brand, measure the ease of consumption, and understand if downloading the app or opening an account is something 
they actively wish to do.

Expert Interview

The HMW’s created in the Expert Interview helped the E&V Smart Money team understand and identify the problem space then prioritize the biggest challenges that the product will need to overcome.

Drawing The Map

The Map helps the product team identify a target for the prototype to focus on. These are usually focused around where most of the HMW’s are clustered.

Note Taking and Doodling

The E&V Smart Money team used the insight generated to collect thoughts, and started to sketch  ideas on paper.

and The Storyboard

After producing solutions sketches, the team from E&V Smart money voted to select a 3 Part Concept and began drawing the storyboard.

The prototype

This led to the creation 
of a prototype, which allowed us to test the concept. Valuable feedback was gathered from five users allowing E&V Smart Money to take the product forward.

The Sprint result

“The Sprint enabled us to be more aligned with each other, and to define more of the core fundamentals of our product offering. Be The Leap. also helped us post Sprint with recommendations for how to interpret the data so we could launch the most effective version of that website possible.”
Philipp Schemel
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