Two-week Iteration Product Sprint to expand Cetrn's digital wallet offering

The objective was to understand if a digital wallet could be something that gig economy workers (i.e. Uber or Lyft drivers in particular) would adopt. The experiment was to digitise their credentials and make it convenient for them to have them in one safe digital place.

The Sprint also discovered more insights and pain points from existing gig workers, but the real focus was on Uber and understanding their business requirements. These insights would help the Sprint team identify how to communicate the wallet's value for their business optimisations by providing more daily active drivers on the platform.

Our conclusion, the Sprint enabled the Certn team to align on a single tangible vision of what a Certn digital wallet experience could look like. The data collected validated that the premise of a consumer wallet would be enough of a hook to provide enough functionality and accessibility for ease of use (B2C), whilst providing a mechanism for Certn to monetise the broader accessibility of background checks for B2B.

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