Design Sprint for the workshops training, and meeting platform

We ran a remote Design Sprint with Butter (MeetButter back in Q4 '20) to understand if their video conferencing platform could genuinely be more effective than in-person workshops for both facilitators and participants

The Challenge

‘Feel the Room’ addressed if Butter could better equip the functionality of their platform to provide a more compelling workshop experience. The intention was to give facilitators a more engaging and fulfilling connection with participants and to understand if ‘Feel the Room’ features could provide them with ‘superpowers’ to run more effective virtual workshops and be better connected to their audience.

Expert Interview

We kicked the Sprint off with the Expert Interview to help define the challenge through problem statements called HMW or 'How Might We?'. The team then voted up the HMW's they felt were the most important to help solve the challenge. The HMW's enabled us to understand where the focus should be to obtain answers to our most challenging questions.

Drawing The Map

The Map determined the most critical steps in the user journey! The Butter Sprint challenge was to add new functionality to an existing product; therefore, we focused on the steps to immerse our potential facilitator's experience, which also helped to align everyone and not focus on unnecessary details.

3 Part Concept and The Storyboard

Each Sprint participant created an individual concept that offered a possible solution to the Sprint challenges by answering the 3 Sprint Questions, which formed the basis 
of the hypothesis we wanted to prove. The team then created “heat” around their favourite ideas with lots of red dots. Each participant then had to choose one concept and present why this idea had the highest potential to help us answer our Sprint Questions positively.

The Prototype

The two chosen concept sketches formed the basis of our Storyboard. The whole team contributed and generated super agile visualisations of what the prototype could look like in a storyboard format which we visualised in under 2 hours! The prototype helped us answer the Sprint Questions and provided the perfect platform to gather genuine feedback!

User Testing

We interviewed five hand-chosen Butter power-users to help us understand through the prototype if we could really 'feel the room'. Capturing insights from real customers enabled the Sprint team to work with accurate data to help them make more informed product decisions.

The Sprint result

"Rob and his team from LEAP. were simply amazing from the first day we started working together. During the Sprint, Rob and his team guided us masterfully through the process and ensured that we got the most out of our time with the LEAP. crew - all the while keeping the energy high and the process delightful.

The outcome greatly impacted how we thought about our product at Butter. Some parts were almost ready for implementation, whereas others allowed us a strong point of departure for the next steps in our 
product roadmap."

Jakob Knutzen
Co-Founder & CEO at Butter
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