AI Minerva Lab

One-week Product Sprint ran during pandemic to help understand if AI and ML powered features can be financially independent as a business. 

1 week Design Sprint with the Minerva team to understand what potential feature set combined the existing B2B platform could provide specifically chosen senior finance operatives/c-suite and analysts, new capabilities to have more independent control over their financial data and operational reporting requirements with the use of machine learning driven features (ML). 

The objective of the Sprint was to gather evidence for Continuum’s senior team and prove that had the necessary underpinnings to be financially independent as a business, and to understand if AI, when giving reliable predictions could be highly monetised for customers. During the course of our Design Sprint the team created 6 iterations of the prototype. Each prototype progressively added more clarity and detail to help showcase Minerva’s Analytics and AI capabilities.

Whilst the prototype only provided a ‘smoke and mirrors’ experience of what the actual product can offer, our CFOs believed that the AI would help them more accurately predict, anticipate and react to their financial forecasting. Besides, empowering our CFOs to be in more control of their quarterly financial and operational data requirements more effectively and with less dependence on external tools and resources. The Sprint was also set to understand if better data would increase their frequency of use from quarterly to encourage more stickiness. 

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